Are bugs eating your plants? Is fungus destroying your plants? This is most likely a sign that your soil does not have enough nutrition.

When soil has the correct nutrition for your plants, insects and fungus are not attracted to them. When you add our Garden Magic Minerals and Garden Magic Superfood Fertilizer to the soil, your garden will flourish.

Minerals for Life is mined from ancient inland sea beds and contains 91 minerals from composted seaweed, fish and crustacean marine life. These minerals keep your plants healthy. Minerals are what give your vegetables their flavor and fruit their sweetness. Gardening soil purchased at the store contains just three man-made minerals. Without these 91 minerals, you will not get the required vitamins when you eat your homegrown vegetables and fruit. Minerals are vital for any plant, including flowers, to stay healthy.

Superfood Fertilizer is 100% natural fertilizer and is perfect for organic gardens. The combination of bat guano, worm castings and blood meal makes for a highly effective, natural fertilizer to increase plant growth. This fertilizer produces healthy soil with beneficial microbes and bacteria that nurture root development. It also kills harmful nematodes and acts as a composting activator.

Insect and Fungus Control destroys black fungus, powdery mildew and other plant diseases. It also kills various insects that destroy your garden and flower beds such as mealy bugs, white flies, gnats, aphids and many others.

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