Baby Sun Rose ~ Aptenia cordifolia

This beautiful ground cover is very popular because of how versatile it is. This pretty little flowering plant can grow in flower beds, draped over the edge of pots and is able to tolerate full sun and dry conditions. Perfect for our weather conditions here in the Tampa Bay area.

The leaves are small and succulent like and come in green as well as variegated green and white. The variegated variety has a small, aster-like rosy-red blossom and the green leaf variety comes in the same rosy-red as well as yellow. They grow at a leisurely rate and won’t take over like some other ground covers. They grow very well around rocks, in large containers and even in hangers.


To care for them, be sure to plant in a well-draining soil. If any of the stems become straggly, just cut them back and they will fill out again. In the Spring, cut back any winter damage; they will flush out with new growth as soon as the weather warms up.