Are you looking for something new to use in your landscaping design? What about something durable and beautiful? Something that won’t fade in the sun and doesn’t clash against your current design?

Travertine pavers are the perfect way to get all of those qualities and more.

If you’ve never heard of travertine material before, keep reading. We’ll tell you all about the benefits of using these pavers in your next project.

1. Non-Slip Surface

Travertine has a natural texture on its surface that gives traction.

This means there’s no chance of slipping. You could run around with bare feet after getting out of the pool with no problems. It’s even a great asset on a rainy day.

Despite this extra friction, it isn’t too rough to the touch. There are no worries about discomfort when you walk barefoot on the surface.

If you’re looking for a new walkway for your pool, you couldn’t go wrong with travertine.

2. Stay Cool in the Hot Sun

Due to its chemical makeup, travertine is heat-resistant. It stays cool to the touch even on the hottest of days.

This makes it the perfect outdoor companion when you want to enjoy a summer’s day without burning your feet. Plus, children and animals are safer when there’s no threat of too-hot pavers under toe.

3. Minimal Maintenance Needed

Whether you choose to have these pavers as your next driveway or a walkway around your pool, there is very little upkeep.

A travertine paver is durable against any weathering or general day-to-day wear and tear. There are even old Roman and medieval buildings built with travertine that still stand against the test of time.

Even when damaged, pavers are easy enough to replace. And affordable, too!

4. No Fading Colors

Due to its high durability and strength against weathering elements, travertine doesn’t fade over time. Even in the UV rays of the sun, travertine holds its natural beauty for hundreds of years without a change in tone.

Your perfect landscaping design won’t need touchups or renovating any time soon when you use travertine. The color will stay true as you show off your beautiful outdoor space year after year.

5. Affordable

Travertine pavers cost very little when compared to other options on the market. The material doesn’t cost a lot in its raw form and when made into pavers, it retains this low cost.

And with low maintenance costs and the ease of replacing any damaged pavers, travertine is often the right choice for many homeowners.

Not only does it look luxurious, but it has an attractive price point as well. This lets you spend a little extra on the other aspects of your outdoor design, such as a firepit or exotic plants.

Match Travertine Pavers With Any Outdoor Design

With the elegance of their natural neutral colors, travertine pavers are the perfect addition to any home. They won’t clash against your chosen color scheme and they won’t deteriorate any time soon.

You’ll enjoy your beautiful new landscape without any worries at all.

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