Natural stone pavers are commonly installed in pool areas of luxurious homes because of their beauty and their practicality. Travertine pavers are particularly popular because they are available in such a wide variety of colors and shapes, offering design flexibility.

There’s something about a travertine pool deck that is understatedly elegant. Aside from its enduring beauty, travertine also offers many other benefits.

  • Since this natural stone absorbs water, it keeps the pool area safe. Accidents like slipping can be minimized.
  • Travertine pavers can keep themselves cool even when they are exposed to the heat of the day.  In fact, they are 20% cooler than concrete pavers and other natural stones.
  • Travertine, like marble, is durable and strong. With proper care, its color and slip resistance capability will remain the same for a long time, thus preserving the elegance and safety of your pool area.
  • Compared to marble, travertine is less expensive to buy and maintain.

The key to keeping your travertine pavers in excellent condition is proper and regular care.

Clean the deck at least once a year using a pressure washer. You can also scrub the pavers with a brush. However, avoid using harmful cleaners that can damage the integrity of the natural stone.

Sealing the pavers every three years is also part of travertine maintenance.  Some suppliers sell pre-sealed travertine pavers so that you don’t need to seal them on your own or hire someone to do the job.

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